The Monsoon Project is a Crawford-based student publication, where young scholars across the world share their ideas, opinions and stories on Asia and the Pacific.

Please feel free to email the editor at contact@themonsoonproject.org.


The Team

Managing Editor: Martyn Pearce

Editor: Serena Ford

Deputy Editor: Maxwell Lowe

Process and Development Manager: Dominic Harvey-Taylor

Communications and Outreach Manager: Jonathon Zubrzycki

Associate Editors: Emily Lyon, Dorothy Mason, Jonathan Hunter, Karen Zhang, Patrick Cooney.



The Monsoon Project has evolved over time, with initiatives continually centered around the publication and dissemination of ideas. Every year, The Monsoon Project publishes The Monsoon Annual.

The editorial staff is drawn from present and past students of the ANU course: Editor’s practicum: online public engagement, academic blogging, and digital disruption.

Join the Project

The Monsoon Project is always looking to showcase new writing and other Asia and the Pacific-related content. Our editorial team would be delighted to receive finished articles, photographs or other media to publish on the site. For more details on contributing, visit here.

If you want to write but are struggling for inspiration, get in touch and we can point you in the right direction. Contact us at contact@themonsoonproject.org or on our Facebook page.