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Introducing the new editors working on the project for the next half-year

Serena Ford

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3 July 2019

A change of leadership blows in a new direction for the next six months at The Monsoon Project

I want to say a sincere thank you to Max and Cherry for their countless hours of hard work spent on Monsoon over the past six months. In particular, Cherry’s achievements in reigning in more student involvement and Max’s fantastic work of sweeping The Monsoon Project over to its new website platform. Cherry and Max are both currently overseas for study and Max will be taking over as Deputy Editor from Cherry.

I am passionate about maintaining the high standard of Monsoon’s publications to reflect all the seasons of its leadership in our new stage.

The Monsoon Project is a space where students can first come into contact with the realm of the academic blog and it’s a platform in which an outpouring of their passion for Australia and Asia-Pacific affairs can flood out.

The opportunity to vocalise opinions on pressing matters and have a real influence on public opinion gives students the chance to engage with issues facing Australia and the Asia-Pacific in a way that transcends the academic sphere and I’m committed to maintaining the platform that provides this to them.

By keeping our student character alive and well, Monsoon is the place where people can develop their writing before graduating onto the hurricanes of the academic blogging world and as Editor, I’m really looking forward to sharing the great ideas that will come from your reading of our articles and your authorship for us.

Let me introduce you to the rest of the team for this year.


Dominic Harvey-Taylor is taking over the role of Process and Development Manager, surging Monsoon’s reach and connectivity into clubs, societies and educational institutions across Australia.

Jonathon Zubrzycki will be our Communications and Outreach Manager, working on swirling in even more authors and expanding readership through events and communications.

We also have a new editorial board in place. So welcome to Emily Lyon, Dorothy Mason, Jonathan Hunter, Karen Zhang and Patrick Cooney. My thanks also to our outgoing editorial board, Kai Clark, Nanumi Starke, Luke Courtois, Greg Thompson, Guy Exton and Alisa Asmalovskaya.

I’m very keen for you to join us in this next step! We want your voices in more fascinating op-eds about the critical issues spouting up in our region. See our contributor’s page and be sure to join our contributor’s Facebook group too.

Want to work on the editorial team for Monsoon? Applications for the Editor’s Practicum course at ANU—which provides a platform for students to work on the site—are open now!  Find out more and apply here.

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