Dancing on the nuclear precipice

On this Monsoon Podcast, Jonathon Zubrzycki looks beyond the nuclear posturing and identifies a curiously co-dependent enmity at the heart of the India-Pakistan conflict in Kashmir.

Territorial disputes over Kashmir have endured since 1947, making it one of Asia’s most persistent flashpoints. Violence is endemic to the region, which has been host to multiple wars and regular terror attacks. In recent years, both Pakistan and India’s proliferation of nuclear weapons have upped the stakes of this increasingly interactable conflict.

This week on the Monsoon Podcast Jonathon sits down with Josie Gardner and David Brewster to chart the origins of the Kashmir conflict and understand its future. The result is a unique portrait of the dispute, where the rehearsed pageantry and palpable hostility meet to produce a most unlikely, and curious, nuclear stability at the heart of the Asian Century’s most enduring conflict.

David Brewster is a seasoned observer of South Asian security and senior research fellow at the Crawford School of Public Policy.

Josephine Gardner is a PhD Candidate at UNSW where she investigates local peace-building initiatives in Kashmir.

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