International student strife and successes

On this episode of The Monsoon Pod, Serena Ford looks at the international education sector in Australia and unpacks the experience of students abroad.

Education is Australia’s third largest export, with international students making up a quarter of enrolments in universities across the country and the industry generating a whopping $34 billion to the Australian economy.

But what is the international student experience like? Are students’ needs being catered for in the industry? And is it ethical to have an industry based on students migrating overseas and paying such high fees in the first place?

On this episode of The Monsoon Pod, Serena Ford looks at this phenomenon in Australian universities and talks with experts and students alike, to unpack the international education industry in Australia.

Dr Helen Forbes-Mewitt is a senior lecturer and researcher in the School of Social Sciences at Monash University. Her research specialises in international student wellbeing, international education and other migrant groups.

Hazel Ang is the President of the International Students Department of ANUSA, located in the Australian National University. The department works to assist international students in navigating university life during their degree.

Haotian Song is studying a Bachelor of Finance at the Australian National University and is originally from Gan Su Province in China.

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