Law in space: who is at fault in our stars?

In this episode of the Monsoon Podcast, Alisa Asmalovskaya blasts off into space law to see what’s there and what remains to be explored.

Physicist Stephen Hawking famously warned that humanity will not survive if it doesn’t venture out into space within the next century. Science and technology, however, are not the only disciplines which need to evolve for us to manage this feat.

How is the legal system venturing into space? Can countries claim space territories as their own? Astronomy can tell you what happens when stars collide – what about when it’s space objects like satellites?

On this Monsoon Podcast, Alisa Asmalovskaya takes flight into the uncharted realms of space law with Joel Dennerley.


Joel Dennerley holds a Bachelor of Arts / Bachelor of Laws at the Australian National University. His Honours thesis focused on how to prove who is at ‘fault in our stars’, specifically, when space objects collide.

Feature image source: US Defence

Music: Inspired by Kevin MacLeod
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