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Feminism in the Asia Pacific

Dominic Harvey-Taylor

Society and culture | Asia


What is feminism? For many, the imagined idea of what feminism looks like is strongly associated with the more publicised feminist movements of the West. However, feminism is a global phenomenon encompassing a diverse range of ideals, campaigns and pathways towards women’s empowerment and greater equality between genders.

On Monday evening, 14 August 2017, the ANU College of Asia Pacific Student Society hosted a panel discussing how feminism has manifested itself within the Asia and Pacific region.

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How far I’ll go: Moana and Wayfinding

Jade Boyle

Society and culture | Pacific


Could Moana engage younger generations of Islanders and non-Islanders to the art of Wayfinding? The 2016 film starring Pacific Islanders Auli’i Cravalho and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is about a young Islander girl, Moana, who hopes to save her dying island; by stealing a canoe, sailing across the ocean and returning the heart of Te Fiti. To do this, Moana learns how to wayfind; a skill that continues to be taught in the Pacific.

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