The one thing you need to see about #OccupyCentral 和平佔中

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1 October 2014

An eyewitness insight through powerful images from the student protests.


Today, Central was occupied by peaceful citizens who gathered to demand a democratic election for our Chief Executive. We have never had a chance to elect our own leader. Instead, the Chinese government has decided to summarize the public opinion by a group 1200 representatives who are not popularly voted. The Chief Executive candidates will be decided by them, and this selected group of candidate will be our only choices to vote. This is not democracy.

We had no reply despite demanding a formal conversation with the government. Instead, we were attacked by tear gas, pepper spray, and perhaps rubber bullets (not confirmed by my own eyes) despite most of us not attempting any violent attack. I am not a good writer; I can only show you the anger, the sorrow, the fear and the sweat via my lens.

“If we left, there will be no one to record this heartbroken history.”

我不懂說話,寫作. 我只可把我看見和感受到的拍下來.
鏡頭下, 今天的憤慨, 害怕, 激動, 汗水, 還在心中抖動.
我也中了催淚彈, 但流下只有心中的淚.

My motivations for photography? To tell a story. To reflect on our lives. For pure aesthetics.

– Andrew Fan, Hong Kong


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